Accoustics, Thermal & Cold Insulations

This innovative Accoustical ceiling system propelled B & B into the forefront of the ceiling materials market. As materials changed so did the industry leaders. B & B added value to the ceiling manufacturers’ products by providing services such as installation, field management and logistical activities associated with a successful installation. Our products and services include Acoustic Ceilings, Flooring, Acoustical Walls and Specialty Products for Interior Systems and Specialty Exterior Applications. Acoustical ceiling systems for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications Fire rated, fully integrated – sound/air/lighting, acoustic ceiling systems.

Thermal Insulation plays an important role in every Process / Manufacturing plant from view point of "Energy Conservation". In applications like hot / cold insulation properly designed "Insulation System" can achieve any of the targets set through a focused "Energy Conservation" program implementing the designed insulation system through scientific erection practices at actual work site is the key to achieving these goals. Our experience of more than 25 years in this field has taught us a number of Do's and Don'ts imparting unbeatable application expertise to our site personnel.